• A ‘spot’ diagnosis
    Deshan F Sebaratnam, Robert P E Sarkany, Hiva Fassihi
  • A neonate with abdominal distension and failure to thrive
    Elisa Tadiotto, Evelina Maines, Daniela Degani, Claudia Banzato, Rita Balter, Giorgia Gugelmo, Andrea Dardis, Giuseppe Giordano, Andrea Bordugo
  • Collapsed neonate? Cause
    Katherine Jane Pettinger, David Crabbe
  • NICE clinical guideline: bronchiolitis in children
    Emma Caffrey Osvald, Jane R Clarke
  • How to use: transcutaneous bilirubinometry
    Matthew C O'Connor, Meredith A Lease, Bonny L Whalen
  • An overview of drug therapies used in the treatment of dystonia and spasticity in children
    Neil Tickner, John R Apps, Simon Keady, Alastair G Sutcliffe
  • Answers
    Vivian Y Shi, Peter A Lio
  • Review of the NICE guidance on neonatal jaundice
    M Atkinson, H Budge
  • Answers to the quiz on page 140
  • Answers From questions on page 196
    Helen Williams