Table 1

Examples of health apps that have been assessed as being safe for children and young people

Paediatric health appAge range in yearsWhat does the app do?Clinician behind the appCost
Little journey3–12 yearsHome preparation for children aged 3–12 years to prepare and understand a hospital visit, with checklists for parents. A support tool before, during and after a healthcare procedure.AnaesthetistFree
NHS Trusts can pay for bespoke local app.
MeeToo11–25 yearsA forum for young people needing emotional, self-esteem and mental health support with crisis support services, third-party support, specialist helplines and peer support.PsychologistFree
Teddy Time Fitness2–5 yearsProvides physical fitness activities and education to young children: preventative care for fitness, active lifestyle and weight management.Physician and teacherFree with in-app purchases.
Free access to YouTube channel during COVID-19.
Brush DJ3+ yearsAge-specific information on best oral hygiene and a timer and links to favourite song when brushing teeth.DentistFree
Hear Glue Ear2–8 yearsListening skill, auditory processing, speech and language support for children aged 2–8 years with glue ear, with a home hearing test and a care plan to help parents manage this recurring and fluctuating condition between home and school.PaediatricianFree
  • NHS, National Health Service.