Table 3

Current commercial hybrid closed-loop systems

Medtronic 670G-Guardian 3 sensor
Medtronic 780G-Guardian 3 sensor
Tandem t:slimX2-Dexcom G6-Control IQCamAPS FX DanaRS-Dexcom G6
Hybrid closed-loop systems Embedded Image Embedded Image Embedded Image
Embedded Image
Integrated pump670G, 780G (coming soon)Tandem t:slimX2Dana RS Pump
SensorGuardian 3Dexcom G6Dexcom G6
Number of finger prick tests4 to 6 a day, may be less for 780GRarely (Factory calibrated)Rarely (Factory calibrated)
Licence7 years and above6 years and above1 year and above
Compatible downloading softwareCarelink
Manual downloading required for 670G. Automated app compatibility with 780G
Clarity (sensor data), Diasend, Manual downloading of pump requiredDiasend
Automated download
WaterproofingPump and transmitter are waterproof. Sensor is waterproof up to 12 feet for up to 24 hoursPump is waterproof for up to 3 feet for 30 min and transmitter are waterproof for 8 feetPump is fully waterproof (IPX8) and transmitter is waterproof for 8 feet
  • Adapted from: Leelarathna L, Choudhary P, Wilmot EG, Lumb A, Street T, Kar P and Ng SM (2020). Hybrid closed-loop therapy: Where are we in 2021? Diabetes Obes Metab. Advance online publication.