Table 1

Currently available continuous glucose monitoring systems

Medtronic Guardian connectDexcom G6 and G5Medtrum A6Freestyle Libre system
Stand-alone systems Embedded Image Embedded Image Embedded Image
Embedded Image
Embedded Image
Embedded Image Embedded Image
MARD Score10.5% (8.7% on buttocks)G6-7.7% for children.
Licenced for therapy adjustment
No data for paediatrics (9.1% in adults)9%—paediatrics
Licenced for therapy adjustment
Sensor glucose measurementEvery 5 min5 min2 minEvery 1 min when flashed
LicenceAll ages for the sensor2 years and above2 years and above4 years and above
Duration7 days10 days7 days14 days
AlarmsYesYesYesyes (new Libre 2 has inbuilt alarms)
ChargingTransmitter should be charged after 6 days of usageReceiver needs to be charged every 2 daysTransmitter needs charging after each sensor session (every 7 days)A fully charged reader battery will last up to 7 days
WaterproofingTransmitter is waterproof. The sensor is waterproof up to 12 feet for up to 24 hoursTransmitter is waterproof for 8 feetWaterproof up to a depth of 8 feet for up to 60 minReader is not water-resistant. Sensor is water-resistant for up to 3 feet (1 m) for about 30 min
  • MARD, mean absolute relative difference.