Table 2

Features of severe disease requiring transfer to tertiary unit

Prolonged capillary refill timeCRP >300 mg/LAbnormal ECG (arrythmias and heart block)
Hypotension/shock and/or tachycardiaIncreasing troponin and NT-proBNPCoronary artery aneurysms, myocardial dysfunction
Fluid resuscitation with 20 mL/kg fluid boluses or absent/ paradoxical responseIncreasing lactate, LDH, ferritin, D-dimerCardiomegaly
Respiratory failureIncreasing creatinineNeurological compromise
No response to IVIG/steroidsYoung children (<1 year old)
  • CRP, C reactive protein; IVIG, intravenous immunoglobulin; LDH, lactic acid dehydrogenase; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B type natriuretic peptide.