Table 2

Probability analysis of radiological criteria as predictors of necrotising enterocolitis or perforation as stratified by birth weight10

Radiological findingGroupSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Positive predicative value (%)Negative predictive value (%)Prevalence (%)
PneumatosisAll44 (n=27)100 (n=19)1003634
EX LBW35 (n=12)100 (n=15)1004124
LBW56 (n=15)100 (n=4)1002548
Portal venous gasAll13 (n=8)100 (n=19)1002610
EX LBW12 (n=4)100 (n=15)100508.1
LBW15 (n=4)100 (n=4)1001513
PneumoperitoneumAll52 (n=23)92 (n=33)886129
EX LBW47 (n=15)100 (n=17)1005031
LBW67 (n=8)84 (n=16)738026
Gasless abdomenAll32 (n=14)92 (n=33)825218
EX LBW41 (n=13)82 (n=14)814227
LBW8.3 (n=1)100 (n=19)1006328
  • EX LBW, extremely low birth weight; LBW, low birth weight.