Table 1

Sample plan for graded exposure to pasta

StepTicks or stickers
1. Go to the supermarket to look at different types of pasta and choose one to buy
2. Explore and play with dry pasta at home
3. Help mum or dad cook pasta
4. Touch/play with cooked pasta
5. Have pasta on the table during dinner—see others eat and enjoy pasta
6. Have pasta on a separate plate near to your plate
7. Move the pasta on a separate plate closer to your plate
8. Have one piece of pasta on your plate (not touching other foods and not to eat)
9. Smell the pasta on the plate
10. Touch the pasta to your lips
11. Lick the pasta
12. Put the pasta in your mouth
13. Bite a piece of pasta
14. Chew and swallow a piece of pasta
15. Gradually increase amount of pasta until it reaches typical portion size for age