Table 2

Nutritional requirements of neonates (for fully enterally fed infants, amounts are per kg per day unless otherwise stated)

Energy (kcal)Protein (g)Fat (g)Sodium (mmol)Potassium (mmol)Calcium (mmol)Phosphate (mmol)Magnesium (mmol)Iron (mg)Vitamin A (IU)Vitamin D (IU)Vitamin E (IU)
Term infants (UK Department of Health)91152.1Not specified9 (per day)13.1 (per day)13.1 (per day)13.1 (per day)2.2 (per day)1.7 (per day)1166 (per day)340 (per day)Not specified
Very low birthweight infants (<1500 g, ‘Nutrition of the Preterm Infant’ 2014)11110–1303.5–4.54.8–6.63.0–5.02.0–5.03.0–5.01.9–4.50.3–0.62.0–3.01332–3663400–10003.3–16.4
Preterm infants <1800 g at birth (ESPGHAN 2010)12110–1353.5–4.54.8–6.63.0–5.01.7–3.43.0–3.51.9–2.90.3–0.62.0–3.01332–3300800–10003.3–16.4
Low birthweight infants (<2500 g, WHO)13105–1353.0–3.64.5–6.62.5–4.02.5–3.54–62.5–3.80.2–0.42.0–3.0700–15004006–12
  • ESPGHAN, European Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.