Table 2

Suggested risk stratification of levels of follow-up for 5-year childhood cancer survivors after completion of treatment (reproduced from SIGN 132: Long term follow up of survivors of childhood cancer by kind permission)8

1Surgery alone
Low-risk chemotherapy
Postal/ telephone1–2 yearlySurvivors of Wilms’ tumour stage I/II Langerhans cell histiocytosis (single system disease) Germ cell tumours (surgery only)
Cranial radiotherapy ≤24 Gy 
Nurse/primary care-led1–2 yearlyMajority of survivors
3Any other radiotherapy (cranial radiotherapy >24 Gy)
Megatherapy (ie, high-dose chemotherapy)
Medically supervised dedicated long-term follow-up clinicAnnuallySurvivors of Any brain tumour Bone marrow transplantation Stage 4 patients of any tumour type
  • SIGN, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network.