Table 4

The Brighton score

BehaviourPlaying/appropriateSleepingIrritableLethargic/confused; reduced response to pain
CardiovascularPink or capillary refill time 1–2 sPale or capillary refill time 3 sGrey or capillary refill 4 s; tachycardia of 20 above normal rateGrey and mottled or capillary refill 5 s or above. tachycardia of 30 above normal rate or bradycardia
RespiratoryWithin normal parameters, no recession or tracheal tug>10 above normal parameters, using accessory muscles, 30%+ FiO2 or 6+ l/min>20 above normal parameters recessing, tracheal tug. 40+% Fi02 or 6+ l/min5 below normal parameters with sternal recession, tracheal tug or grunting. 50% Fi02 or 8+ l/min
  • Score two extra for ¼ hourly nebulisers or persistent vomiting following surgery.

  • Source: Monaghan A.15