Table 2

New York State Department of Health Early Intervention Programme17

General developmental warnings of possible ASD in preschool children: warning signs
Delay or absence of spoken language
Looks through people; not aware of others
Not responsive to other people’s facial expression/feelings
Lack of pretend play; little or no imagination
Does not show typical interest in or play near peers purposefully
Lack of turn taking
Unable to share pleasure
Qualitative impairment in non-verbal communication
Does not point at an object to direct another person to look at it
Lack of gaze monitoring
Lack of initiation of activity or social play
Unusual or repetitive hand and finger mannerisms
Unusual reactions, or lack of reaction, to sensory stimuli
  • Reproduced with permission from Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN).7

  • ASD, autism spectrum disorders.