Table 3

A summary of evidence based body size metrics (based on adult data) on which to base loading and maintenance doses of a range of drugs commonly used in paediatrics

Suggested body size metric to calculate dose (mg/kg) (mg/m2)
DrugLoading or first doseMaintenance doseCommentsReference
AciclovirIBWIBWAnderson et al44
β-LactamsABWABWEstimate not based on clinical studiesFalagas et al45
CaffeineABWABWCaraco et al46
CarbamazepineTBWIBWCaraco et al47
CiprofloxacinTBWTBWHollenstein et al48
ABWAllard et al49
EnoxaparinBSABSAMonitor carefullySanderink et al50
EtoposideBSATBWNguyen et al51
GentamicinABWABWUndertake TDM as early as possible to optimise doseLeader et al18
Factor=0.4Factor=0.4Traynor et al52
PhenytoinIBWIBWAdjust maintenance dose based on monitoringAbernethy et al53
PropofolTBWClinical study backed up by PB-PK model51Levitt et al38
LBWMcLeay et al54
RanitidineIBWLBWDavis et al55
VancomycinTBWTBWAssuming renalVance-Bryan et al56 Blouin et al57
TBW + %IBWTBWfunction normal.
  • ABW, adjusted body weight; BSA, body surface area; IBW, ideal body weight; LBW, lean body weight; TBW, total body weight; TDM, therapeutic drug monitoring.