Table 3

 Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health definition for CFS/ME (2004)

RCPCH definitionGeneralised fatigue persisting after routine tests and investigations have failed to identify an obvious underlying “cause”. In CFS/ME the fatigue is likely to be associated with other classical symptoms and is classically exacerbated by effort (both mental and physical)
Other classical symptomsSevere malaise, headaches, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties, memory impairment, depressed mood, myalgia/muscle pain at rest and on exercise, nausea, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, abdominal pain and arthralgia/joint pain
Symptoms reported less oftenFeeling too hot or cold, dizziness, cough, eye pain/increased sensitivity to light (photophobia), vision or hearing disturbances (hyperacusis), weight loss or gain, muscle weakness, lack of energy for usual activities and diarrhoea