Systemic corticosteroids v placebo or no corticosteroid treatment in infants or young children with acute viral bronchiolitis*

OutcomesNumber of trials (n)Weighted mean difference (95% CI)
*CI defined in glossary; a random effects model was used. All differences are not significant.
†Patients were inpatients on paediatric hospital wards.
‡Patients were recruited from the emergency department.
Hospital length of stay (d)†7 (472)−0.38 (−0.81 to 0.05)
Odds ratio (CI)
Hospital admission rate‡3 (156)1.05 (0.23 to 4.87)
Standardised mean difference (CI)
Day 3 clinical score8 (309)−0.20 (−0.73 to 0.32)