Table 2

 A structured clinical history in SUDI

• Basic details of baby, the parents, and other family members
• A narrative account of the 24 hours leading up to the baby’s death, including a full description of when and how the baby slept and fed, any activity, who was with the baby at different times, the baby’s health and activity levels, and any changes to routine
• The final sleep
• Where and how the baby was put down, clothing, bed coverings, position; any changes in that during the course of the night; if bed sharing, who else was in the bed and their positions relative to the baby; when and by whom the baby was checked during the sleep; description of the last feed and any night time feeds; heating and ventilation
• Where and how the baby was found, position, coverings, appearance and any unusual features; any action taken after the baby was found
• Baby’s past medical history, including pregnancy and delivery, growth and development, feeding, any illnesses, immunisations and routine surveillance; also details of normal routine for the baby, including feeding sleeping patterns and practices
• Family medical history, including any medical or psychiatric history of the parents and other immediate family members; infectious contacts; any history of respiratory, cardiac, or neurological disorders in the family and any previous infant or other sudden deaths in the family
• Social history
• Family structure and dynamics, housing, use of alcohol, recreational drugs, and tobacco; parents’ occupations; any social services involvement in the past, including any child protection concerns