Plasmodium malariae and relapse

Bernhard R. Beck, Physician,
October 14, 2010

Dear Editor

In the article of Delane Shingadia and Shamez Ladhani about the treatment of malaria in table 3 it is mentioned that primaquine is used in higher doses for preventing relapses in P.malariae infections. This must be a typing error since the same authors stated in an earlier article about the malaria treatment (1) that this dosage is used for preventing relapses in P.vivax infections. Plasmodium malariae infection does not lead to the development of hypnozoites and therefore no additional relapse prevention is needed.


Bernhard R. Beck

(1) UK malaria treatment guidelines; Journal of Infection, Volume 54, Issue 2, February 2007, Pages 111-121

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