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Case of knee swelling
  1. Sarah Williamson,
  2. Subramanian Mahadevan-Bava
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Sarah Williamson, Department of Paediatrics, Russells Hall Hospital, Pensnett Road, Dudley DY1 2HQ, UK; sarahlouise.williamson{at}



  1. What does the X-ray show?

    1. Infection

    2. Periarticular soft tissue calcification

    3. Artefact

    4. Gout

  2. What condition is associated with these radiological findings?

    1. Tumorous calcinosis

    2. Synovial sarcoma

    3. Chronic renal failure

    4. Juvenile dermatomyositis

    5. All of the above

  3. What biochemical abnormality is seen in this condition?

    1. Low calcium

    2. Raised calcium

    3. Raised or normal phosphate

    4. None of the above

  4. What is the most appropriate treatment?

    1. Normalisation of any biochemical abnormalities

    2. Surgical excision

    3. Conservative management

    4. All of the above

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  • tumoral calcinosis
  • paediatrics

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