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Hyperbaric oxygen did not improve symptoms in children with cerebral palsy

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Study design

Design: Randomised controlled trial.

Allocation: Randomisation was done by university staff. Allocation was concealed using sealed envelopes that were sequentially numbered.

Blinding: All patients, care providers and investigators were blinded. Only hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) technicians were aware of group assignment.

Study question

Setting: Ambulatory HBO clinic in the USA.

Patients: Forty-nine children aged 3 to 8 years with spastic cerebral palsy (CP), with no previous HBO treatments, recent thoracic surgery, changes of spasticity medications or history of hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy.

Intervention: Children were randomised to receive either hyperbaric 100% oxygen (HBO) or hyperbaric air (HBA), at 1.5 atmospheres, for 60 min, once per weekday for a total of 40 treatments.

Outcomes: Primary outcome was a change in Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-88) score. A change …

Correspondence to Dr Pérez-Gaxiola, Hospital Pediátrico de Sinaloa–Evidence-based medicine, Blvd Constitución y Donato Guerra SN Col. Almada, Culiacan 80200, Mexico

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  • Correction notice This paper has been amended since it was published Online First. The correspondence address was incorrect and this has now been amended.