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  1. Ian Wacogne
  1. Ian Wacogne, Deputy Editor, E&P

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Once again in Education and Practice we try to balance the things that you need to know just in case, and the specific information you need to be able to find just in time. This latter is harder for a specific journal to do, but perhaps more important. We have an excellent paper this month, my editor's choice, where Malik et al (see page 82) describe a 15 min consultation in the child with a facial paralysis. With respect to the authors of my previous favourite on this subject, this newer paper leapfrogs to the top, and will be a paper that I read several times; first now, and then each time I need to manage such a child. This seems to happen too infrequently for me to be able to fully remember whether I am supposed to treat Bell's palsy with steroids or not. This paper points out that steroid treatment is still a matter of controversy, but is gracious enough to provide you with accurate dosing guidelines should …

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