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  1. Ian Wacogne
  1. Ian Wacogne, Deputy Editor, E&P

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When is a Picket not a Picket? It's not a joke – or at least, I can't think of a very good punchline if it is. You will recall that Picket is our section which looks for sentinel papers, re-writes the abstract in a structured way, and then puts this paper in the context of the broader literature with a commentary. It is an approach which we ripped off from the earlier layout of the journal, Evidence Based Medicine, and which we – and our feedback from readers would confirm this – think works fairly well. We have written elsewhere about how we go about selecting papers to abstract1 but of course sometimes we hear of papers in other ways. Sometimes an article has made quite a splash in the media, and this is where we hit a bit of a problem. These are important and interesting papers, because our patients and their families will also be hearing about them. But as I am sure you will …

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