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Epistle: June 2011
  1. Ian Wacogne
  1. Ian Wacogne, Deputy Editor, E&P

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One of the challenges in delivering an journal like E&P is getting the balance right between articles on conditions, tests or skills that you, the readers, will need on a daily basis, and those which you might need only once in a while but have other appeal. This other appeal may have a number of aspects. They may simply be interesting, or contain important information, or they may stimulate other serendipitous thoughts.

This issue has a range of articles which I hope will do all of these for you. This month's editor's choice is a thought provoking paper about the measurement of urine catecholamines by Daniel Erdelyi, Martin Elliott and Bob Phillips (see page 107). You'll probably suspect a little bit of ‘Old Boys Club’ with this choice – me focusing on another paper co-written by a fellow editor, but let me try to explain what this paper does for me. First, it gives me a good, but brief, review …

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