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  1. Ian Wacogne
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If I was asked which aspect of paediatrics had moved most spectacularly from the world of assertion based medicine to evidence based medicine in the last decade, I would have to choose child protection. This is, in no small part, down to the work of the Welsh Child Protection Systematic Review Group, whose work can be found at, and whose Sabine Maguire has written what is my first Editor's Choice article for the journal. No child protection paper can be complete, definitive and stand alone, but Dr Maguire's article comes as close as it is possible in eight pages of a journal. I suspect that I will be using it for reference when writing a good many witness statements in the future.

In fact, I suspect that no paper can be definitive. One of our most popular papers recently – McWilliam and Riordan's Interpretations paper on how to use CRP1 – excited a …

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