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Minding the gap: training in adolescent medicine when formal training programmes are not available


There is a growing need for healthcare professionals to extend their knowledge in adolescent health care. Formal training curricula in adolescent medicine have been developed in only the United States, Canada and Australia. The Israeli experience in building an infrastructure that allows physicians to train in adolescent medicine is described. It includes the development of hospital-based and community-based multidisciplinary adolescent health services, a 3-year diploma course in adolescent medicine and a simulated patient-based programme regarding communication with adolescents. In the course of one decade an infrastructure has been developed to create a cadre of physicians who are able to operate adolescent clinics and to teach adolescent medicine. Consequently a formal fellowship training programme in adolescent medicine has been recently approved by the Scientific Council of the Israel Medical Association. This model can be applied in countries where formal training programmes in adolescent health care are not yet available.

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