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  1. Giles Richardson
  1. Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, UK;

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    This crossword is based on the articles in issues 3 and 4 of Education and Practice (December 2004 and June 2005)

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    2. Company providing 24 hour access to telephone interpreters in most NHS hospitals (8,4)

    4. Potential dose related effect of anthracyclines (14)

    5. 1st choice antibiotic if used for treatment of otitis media (11)

    6. A great downpour of water could cloud this visual complication of total body irradiation (8)

    7. Antidiabetic drug inducing weight loss and decreased food intake (9)

    12. Having identical alleles at corresponding chromosomal loci (10)

    13. Synthetic antiviral ribonucleoside that inhibits DNA and RNA replication (9)

    17. Disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug which helps to reduce joint damage (12)

    21. Drug combining with receptor to produce physiological reaction typical of naturally occurring substance (7)

    27. Pattern of fever recurring daily (9)

    28. Mainstay of management for obese children (9,6)

    29. Vessel wall restructuring involved in pulmonary artery hypertension (11)


    1. Brush method for obtaining DNA samples (6,6)

    3. German anatomist’s cells help produce testosterone (6)

    6. Sweat component, diagnostic of cystic fibrosis if > 60 mmol/l (8)

    8. Triad of arthritis, conjunctivitis, and urethritis (6)

    9. Gastric bypass operation considered in extreme obesity (4,1,1)

    10. Myxoedematous endocrine cause of childhood obesity (15)

    11. Endocrine cause of childhood obesity; ACTH helpful? (7)

    14. Short acting vasodilator produced by vascular endothelium, exhibits antiplatelet properties (12)

    15. Mucolytic improving lung function in cystic fibrosis (5)

    16. “Beam this liver glycoprotein to warp factor 2, Scotty!”; vit K deficiency associated (11)

    18. The practice of dividing total body irradiation into smaller doses to minimise the late effects of treatment (13)

    19. Passage of large greasy and offensive stool (12)

    20. Proposed cost of treatment to gain 1 cm height in Turner’s syndrome – £ – –,000/cm (9)

    22. A person who pleads, intercedes or speaks for another (8)

    23. Bacillus polymyxa produced anti-pseudomonal antibiotic used in cystic fibrosis (8)

    24. Phenomenon of rash noted in areas of trauma or pressure (7)

    25. Volatile aromatic hydrocarbon at home is associated with eightfold increase in risk of asthma (7)

    26. Something of no intrinsic remedial value that is used to appease or reassure another (7)

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