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Abdominal mystery in a neonate
  1. Abdulrahman Halabi1,
  2. Ubaidullah Khan1,
  3. Kais Maazoun2,
  4. Naglaa M Kamal3
  1. 1 Pediatrics, Alhada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia
  2. 2 Pediatric Surgery, CHU Monastir, Monastir, Tunisia
  3. 3 Pediatrics, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
  1. Correspondence to Dr Abdulrahman Halabi, Pediatrics, Alhada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif, Saudi Arabia; halabi03{at}

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A full-term male baby delivered at 38 weeks gestational age with birth weight of 3.3 kg was incidentally discovered soon after birth during routine nursery assessment to have abdominal distension with a soft mass felt in the upper middle part of abdomen measuring 10×10 cm. Other body system review revealed no abnormalities apart from bilateral undescended testes. Routine laboratory tests were within normal limits.

Only one antenatal ultrasound was done at 22 weeks gestational age with no significant abnormalities.

Radiological assessment by abdominal X-ray and abdominal ultrasonography (figure 1) was done.

Figure 1

Abdominal ultrasonography showing a large abdominal mass containing bones and soft tissue.


1. What does the abdominal ultrasonography show?

  1. Homogenous soft tissue mass.

  2. Heterogeneous soft tissue mass with no calcifications.

  3. Heterogeneous soft tissue mass with scattered fine calcifications.

  4. Heterogeneous mass with soft, cystic and dense boney areas.

2. Three-dimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) of the abdomen (figure 2) was requested for better characterisation of the mass which revealed large …

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