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  1. Ian Wacogne, Edition Editor
  1. General Paediatrics, Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ian Wacogne, General Paediatrics, Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK; ianwacogne{at}

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I’ve done quite a lot of reading recently. I suspect quite a few of you have too. There are a few things that strike me about reading, which I thought I’d write about here.

The first is my casual competence at reading. Reading is a skill I took years to acquire. However, now I take it for granted that I can glance at something simple—a road sign, a book spine—and absorb the meaning nearly immediately. I can spend days or weeks being unconscious of my competence, only jolted into consciousness when a meaning becomes unclear or confusing.

The second is how pervasive reading is. Many bemoan that some young folk don’t spend much time reading but huge segments of social media are delivered in a written format. Unless you are restricting yourself to Tiktok or You Tube you will be reading, probably lots. …

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