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  1. Ian Wacogne, Edition Editor
  1. Department of General Paediatrics, Birmingham Childrens Hospital, Birmingham, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ian Wacogne; ianwacogne{at}

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I hope that you can tell that I really enjoy editing Education and Practice. There’s a lot to like about it. I get to work with some really talented authors, some very skilled editors, and of course I keep learning new things. I’ve written here before about the real treat—and tremendous opportunity—it is to be able to commission papers to help me understand things I’m struggling with.

I hope also that you can tell that as a generalist I see it as my responsibility to be eclectic. Or, from a different perspective, being eclectic is part of the huge fun of being a generalist. For example, I try not to look at the title of the grand rounds before I attend them—since I know that I’m always going to learn something, even if it isn’t of direct …

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