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As edition editor, I get to bask in the reflected glory of my section editors. I remember reading once, many years ago, that when Bill Gates perceived that he'd passed the peak of his programming skills, he took care to surround himself with clever people. I would struggle to draw any valid comparison between myself and Bill Gates, but this strategy does strike me as a very good one. It does make me a little nervous though, because my section editors do, mostly know more than me—and are good at creating commissions that I'd not thought of.

A good example is Sam Behjati's work in the Interpretations section. When we developed Interpretations some time ago I thought of it a little bit like a British National Formulary for tests. After all, if we can have nationally, or internationally, determined ways, presented in reproducible monographs for the medicines we use, shouldn't we have the same for the tests we use? Part of me thought that after a while we could …

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