Rehabilitation medicine

  • Answers to Dermatophile questions
    Peter A Lio, Kachiu C Lee
  • Alopecias
    Peter A Lio, Kachiu C Lee
  • How to use… an autism assessment tool
    Sophie E Carter, Anita Hanson, Clare Bravey, Nagat Al Kabir
  • Evaluation of staring episodes in children
    Arif Khan, Nahin Hussain, William P Whitehouse
  • An overview of drug therapies used in the treatment of dystonia and spasticity in children
    Neil Tickner, John R Apps, Simon Keady, Alastair G Sutcliffe
  • How to use insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1)
    Catherine J Peters, Mehul T Dattani
  • Transition to adult services
    Helena Gleeson, Gill Turner
  • Answers
    Vivian Y Shi, Peter A Lio
  • Review of the NICE guidance on neonatal jaundice
    M Atkinson, H Budge
  • Answers to the quiz on page 140