Public health

  • Answers to Dermatophile questions
    Peter A Lio, Kachiu C Lee
  • Pharmacological management of obese child
    Razia Petkar, Neil Wright
  • How to use...  neonatal TORCH testing
    Eveline P de Jong, Ann C T M Vossen, Frans J Walther, Enrico Lopriore
  • How to use… an autism assessment tool
    Sophie E Carter, Anita Hanson, Clare Bravey, Nagat Al Kabir
  • Highlights from this issue
    Ian D Wacogne
  • Paediatric bullous dermatoses
    M Chattopadhyay, N P Burrows
  • How to use Helicobacter pylori testing in paediatric practice
    Eileen Crowley, Billy Bourke, Séamus Hussey
  • Hypoglycaemia and neonatal brain injury
    James P Boardman, Courtney J Wusthoff, Frances M Cowan
  • Dermatophile answers
    M Chattopadhyay, N P Burrows
  • Correction