• A 6-month-old boy with bilateral breast enlargement
    Gülay Karagüzel, Sibel Kul, Mustafa İmamoğlu, Ayşenur Ökten, Güngör Karagüzel
  • A congenital purplish tumour
    L Matarazzo, A Delise, F Zennaro, R Bussani, S Demarini, I Berti, A Ventura
  • Addition of immunosuppression to comprehensive supportive care did not benefit patients with IgA nephropathy
    Alexander D Lalayiannis
  • A circular challenge
    Helen Williams
  • Febrile neutropenia and refeeding syndrome
    H K Jahn, S Barraclough, S Currell, M P Tighe
  • An unusual cause of back pain
    Michael Malley, Marie Monaghan, Alisha Esmail, Christina Neophytou, Amanda Cheng
  • How to interpret mast cell tests
    Thomas Waterfield, Emma Dyer, Kathryn Wilson, Robert J Boyle
  • A girl with gastric distension and hyperamylasemia
    Giorgio Cozzi, Federico Poropat, Samuele Naviglio, Egidio Barbi
  • ‘It's just a fluid level’
    ZheYi Liew, Victoria Thomas, Katherine Eastham
  • Think back
    Steven McVea, Lynne McFetridge, Jarlath McAloon