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Airway analysis
  1. Helen Williams
  1. Correspondence to Dr Helen Williams, Radiology Department, Birmingham Children's Hospital, Steelhouse Lane, Birmingham B4 6NH, UK; helen.williams{at}

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Theme: airway

The airway should always be evaluated when interpreting a chest radiograph. The position, size and shape of the trachea and main bronchi can provide clues to the underlying pathology, and an understanding of the underlying pathophysiology helps in preventing misinterpretation.

Select one option from the following for the two quiz questions that follow the list:

  1. Complete lung collapse

  2. Complete lung consolidation

  3. Expiratory image

  4. Large pleural effusion

  5. Lung agenesis

  6. Mass deviating trachea

  7. Mass indenting trachea

  8. Tracheomalacia

Answers to the following two quiz questions can be …

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