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Help for parents and doctors! Part 2
  1. Deborah Shanks
  1. Correspondence to Dr Deborah Shanks, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness IV2 4ST, UK; deborah.shanks{at}

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Children are not small adults, and teenagers are not big toddlers. The techniques of ‘Toddler Taming’ will not work on this age group. Dealing with teenagers at home and in the middle of a busy clinic can be challenging, and again it is useful to have some expertise to turn to. I think this book is excellent for reading and recommending. Confident Teens: How to Raise a Positive, Confident and Happy Teenager—Gael Lindenfield1

Children grow up, and teenagers are challenging at home and as patients. I turned to this book when doors started being slammed in my home, and I have used its sensible advice at …

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